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Guerra Paint & Pigment Corp was founded in 1986 by Art Guerra with the mission of bringing affordable, high quality paint to artists. As a muralist in New York City employed by the Carter administration in the 1980’s, he was dissatisfied with the quality of paint available and set about investigating the larger Paint and Coatings Industry to understand the components involved in making high quality paint. Once satisfied he had learned “the secrets”, he started a business to share his new found knowledge with artists and introduced the Guerra Paint & Pigment Corp. Paint Component System. This was a new and exciting way for artists and designers to gain greater control over the surface quality of their paint and the vibrancy of their color.

In the year 2000 Art Guerra was joined by Jody Bretnall and Seren Morey. Through years of steadfast research, Guerra Paint & Pigment Corp. has amassed the largest rare pigment collection in the world and developed the precise formulas that each pigment requires to be developed in to a stable dispersion. Our dispersions are created with high concentrations of pigment in small batches and ground to the finest grind in ceramic ball mills with no binders or suspension aids. The ceramic ball mill process creates zero micron particle size, also known as an 8 Hegman grind resulting in clean, pure color. Our dedication to technical detail combined with exceptional customer service and the highest quality possible products at a fair price point has positioned us as the go-to company for professional artists and designers across the globe.

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